With CloudBackupBank app for Mac the backup of your photos, videos, audio files, documents and emails is extremely fast and convenient. Your valuable data will always be secured, as all backup files are encrypted and sent via the internet connection to the remote data center of CloudBackupBank. Even in vase of a file or if your computer gets stolen, your data is 100% safe and always available. Retrieving data is a matter of "point & click" and a file recovery takes just a few minutes.

We provide our customers with two backup application versions: CloudBackupBank 2GB and CloudBackupBank 30GB. The CloudBackupBank 2GB is absolutely free and up to 2 GB of photos, videos, audio files, documents and emails can be stored. If the collection grows, you can easily switch to the paid version CloudBackupBank 30GB with an increased storage capacity as large as 30 GB!